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In The Defence of Procyon III players take control of completely unique factions as part of a team-based conflict. The card-driven battle wages over two boards using amazing miniatures, with humans defending against invading aliens on the surface and orbital space of Procyon III. The gameplay is highly interactive and offers a wealth of strategic choice with low randomness. 



Procyon is a star 11 light-years from Earth, visible in our skies as the brightest star in the Canis Minor constellation. Since the system contains the remains of a collapsed star, it was bound to be rich in heavy elements, ripe for industrialisation.


It was thus no surprise that in 2104 this was one of the first extrasolar systems to be colonized. The true shock came three years later when an ancient — but still active — artefact belonging to a clearly alien civilization was discovered under the settlement.


The observatories picked up the unmistakable tachyon radiation of a fleet slowing down from faster-than-light approaching the system. Preparing for the worst-case scenario, the UN dispatched its entire Armada to relieve the minimal defences the settlement holds, while their scientists worked hard to decipher the alien communications, and understand their newfound enemy whose name was revealed to be the Aethyn.


Defence of Procyon III is a game for four players on two teams. One player from each team will be in charge of the ground battle, one player in charge of the space battle. Gameplay involves four card-based combat games interacting with each other. 


The ground battle is more of a push-and-pull of threat and defence, while the space battle is more of an exercise in tactical combat and multi-prong positioning. 


Players score victory points for achieving certain feats, and the end of the battle for this previously insignificant corner of the galaxy comes after a threshold of victory points is reached. The humans can also lose the game if their morale breaks down.

In addition to team play. the game can be played solo or cooperatively.




They lead the ground forces in the invasion of Procyon III. Their primary objective is to get to the city where the humans discovered the artefact.

Gameplay mechanisms: resource allocation, bag building, multi-use cards.


The alien space force of organic ships, they deploy spore clouds of their nano-machinery to try to blockade the  Armada from providing relief to their ground troops.

Gameplay mechanisms: dice pool management, card selection, hand construction.


They lead the ground forces defending the colony on Procyon III. Their primary objectives are defensive – hold the invaders at bay, keep them from advancing on the City, and try to evac Scientists. 

Gameplay mechanisms: deck destruction, action point allowance.


They are trying to win the space-naval battle in the Procyon system against the Meld. Their ships  also carry Marines which can be sent to the planet’s surface to help with the evacuation. 

Gameplay mechanisms: turn programming, randomness mitigation, resource management. 

Dávid Turczi is an experienced game designer from Hungary, living in Leiden, Netherlands.

A long-time fan of all games strategy, his previous projects include Anachrony, Rome & Roll, Kitchen Rush and Days of Ire.




I wanted to make a wargame for my heavy eurogamer friends, most of whom would not play a proper wargame.


I have never made a miniatures game before, so I wanted to make it strategic like a eurogame would be, being trade-off driven with combo building, etc .


Finally, I wanted a big asymmetric game that's focused enough that you can play without knowing all the details of your opponent's rules, yet be meaningfully interactive.



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